The Worx WT480 is a great companion, especially when you're working on small jobs or in a small space.
The Worx WT480 is a great companion, especially when you're working on small jobs or in a small space.

When the new Worx WT480 10-inch compound miter saw arrived at my shop, I admit I wondered what I would do with it. After all, for years the center of my cutting operations has been a tricked-out 12-inch sliding compound miter saw. But after using the WT480 for a few weeks remodeling, I quickly found myself reaching for the smaller Worx saw all the time. While a smaller saw like this won't replace my slider, it has earned a place alongside it.

Power. I used the WT480 to cut hardwood flooring, 2-by blocking, 1-by, small trim, and PVC pipe. It shined in all applications. Power was very respectable in hardwoods and thicker stock, and cuts were clean and accurate. The chop action was perfect and the guard rolled out of the way on each cut. The bevel adjustment was a hair off out of the box, but was easily tuned. The miter settings were dead-on, with easy-to-find, solid detents. Since whacking through standard stock was so easy, I tried cutting 4x6. Understandably, the saw labored, but it made it through smoothly.

Performance. From the second you pull the trigger you can feel that this is a well-designed tool. The horizontal handle was comfortable to grab and hold for repetitive cutting, and the two-finger rubber trigger felt like it was designed for my hand. The motor started a little softly–but fast–which is terrific for repetitive cutting jobs, and the electric brake halted blade rotation in a snap. Both features made the overall experience of repetitive cutting extremely quiet and comfortable. The blade is one of the sharpest I have ever used. It cut so smoothly it sometimes felt like I had forgotten to place the material under it.

Design. At 44 pounds, the WT480 is light and compact; I really liked working with it where space was seriously cramped. For example, on a bathroom I was remodeling, I used the Worx saw to cut blocking and nailers, and for making the parts for a raised bathtub step. It was great. For running flooring, I was able to easily move the saw around with me as I progressed.

The blade arm locked down solidly and the handles made the saw comfortable to carry and lift in and out of the truck. The tool even has nice rubber feet for use on finished surfaces. And while running the flooring, I appreciated the nice outrigger that helped stabilize the tool.

Cutting small trim was a breeze, but for 5-1/2-inch base, I had to bevel the saw. It worked, but that's when I switched up to my bigger saw for faster cutting.

The WT480 also has a dust port that cleared material from the saw effectively, and I particularly liked its rubber elbow. The port easily accepted two sizes of vacuum hose and channeled dust away from the tool extremely well when used without a vacuum.

All in all, the Worx shined in every category and it easily created a place for itself in my previously one-saw shop.

Positec USA/Worx Power Tools. WT480: $229. 866-354-9679.

–Mark Clement