Foam insulation and ICFs are frequently cut with standard circular blades, sending clouds of static clingy “foam dust” all over the place. With its double-beveled edge, the Centerfire blade slices through foam like a knife, leaving factory clean edges while producing a negligible kerf and almost no dust. It makes for easier reworking (trimming) of pieces and far less cleanup.

I saw Centerfire blades demonstrated at the most recent STAFDA convention and they work as advertised, producing clean cut edges and almost no dust at all. They are made in the USA and available for 10-inch table saws and 7 1/4-inch inline saws. Check before putting one on a sidewinder because that kind of saw may exceed the blade's maximum rated speed of 4,500 rpm. Centerfire blades are expected to hit the market in March 2014. The 10-inch model will cost about $90 and the 7 1/4-inch model about $60. Bullettools.com