Electric saws plugged into standard line voltage can’t deliver as much power as a gas or hydraulic saw. To overcome that limitation and make electric saws more competitive with the alternatives, Husqvarna came up with the Prime system, featuring new tools that connect to high-voltage power packs. The power packs plug into 240-volt single-phase power or three-phase power from 180 to 530 volts. This gives saws connected to the power packs 3,800 to 5,500 watts of output power versus about 2,200 input watts available to 120-volt tools. The new K6500 series includes a 16-inch-blade cut- off saw, ring saw, and deep-cutting chain saw, which are used with the PP65 portable power pack. High-tech brushless motors in the tools let them deal with the wide range of input power—a feat not possible with typical motors.