Got a grinder and an old saw blade you’re not using anymore? Turn the blade into a bottle opener.

You could paint landscapes on your old sawblades, but YouTuber and woodworker Dan The Maker Man had a better idea. He cuts bottle openers out his old saw blades. Really. Why not? On top of being really cool looking and functional, they’re a great way to get a conversation going at a party: “Hey, can you please pass me the saw-toothed bottle opener?” or “Hey, got anything I can open this beer with and then use to gut a fish?”

The link below is to a photo blog that illustrates the steps with photos and captions. He had to fine-tune the mouth, which took some trial-and-error. His method for attaching the wooden handles was particularly cool, and the material simple: He used common nails as the pins.
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You can also check out the video below to watch the process.