It just became faster and easier to repair Bosch power tools. Owners can now use an online form to submit repair requests and print prepaid shipping labels to one of six regional factory service centers or one of more than 500 authorized service centers. The status of repairs can be checked from the confirmation email or by using the website.

“We understand how important it is for our customers to minimize downtime and to get back on the job,” said Randy Valenta, Bosch director, product service. “We’ve optimized the process to decrease wait time and increase transparency, while continuing to offer our industry-leading repair services such as MaxVantagePRO.” With that service the repair cost is not to exceed approximately half of the tool’s replacement price. If the tool can’t be repaired at the MaxVantage price the company will replace it with a factory reconditioned tool at that price.

There is also the option to name the maximum amount you are willing to pay and specify what happens if the tool cannot be repaired for that price (call with an estimate, return tool unassembled, or call with a replacement offer).