As far as ingenious ideas go, Woodworker Izzy Swan is a treasure trove; he’s constantly looking for ways to be more productive and more efficient in his work. If you haven't checked out his YouTube channel, I highly recommend it. He recently published two projects that will be of interest to many of you: a homemade sawmill rack that houses a circular saw. It's completely adjustable and sets up on a couple of sawhorses.

Swan first came up with the idea for a portable saw mill as a way to mill up some logs he had kicking around. The first one he made out of metal, which he welded together in his shop. Realizing that some of his viewers were more comfortable working with wood, he made a second mill out of 2x material and some plywood, which is in the second video below.

Both sawmill styles utilize a circular saw equipped with a Prazi Beam Cutter attachment, which will cut up to 12-in. deep.