We’re not talking crazy stuff like cutting with laser beams; the saw has a blade and most of the usual parts but they are configured in a revolutionary way. This futuristic saw was designed by Dan Allen, who refers to it as the ATUM.

The tool has a ring blade (along the lines of a concrete cutoff saw); with cutting teeth on the outside and geared drive teeth on the inside. The saw is symmetrical and exceptionally narrow because instead of the motor being off to the side – it passes through opening in the blade and engages with the drive teeth. Click the animation at the bottom of the web page to see how it works.

As far as I know, there is no prototype or plans to make one. This is a design concept pure and simple. Still – it’s pretty cool and I think it could work. There are a few problems with the design but they’re not insurmountable: the grip looks kind of fat, wood chips and resin could gum up gears, and there seems to be no provision for bevel cuts.

This tool may never be built, but it amuses me to think that almost 90 years after the invention of the circular saw, someone has designed one that’s circular in shape.

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October 16, 2012

Does not seem to have enough steel to track a straight line or dissipate heat build-up. But, it may be the next multi tool!

Posted By: reallygreeley | Time: 10:33:52.027 PM