Belt Sander



At only 5 pounds, Porter-Cable's 371K compact belt sander is the first of its size, according to the firm, and offers a small belt size of 2-1/2 inches by 14 inches. The tool's size and its flush side allow users to sand next to perpendicular surfaces and in tight spots. It has a low center of gravity for a balanced feel, a low rear housing for decreased material gouges, a recessed switch, and a removable dust port. The 5-amp motor provides a belt speed of 800 square feet per minute. Price: $119. 888-848-5175.

Reciprocating Saw


Black & Decker

The Black & Decker Firestorm 9.5-amp recip saw can be used for a variety of tasks, including 2x4 and 2x6 framing, fence posts, and more. The tool has a removable front handle with presets for eight positions. Other features include a shoe that adjusts to three positions, a six-position speed dial, and tool-free blade changing. It outputs 0–2,400 spm and has a 1-1/8-inch stroke length. Price: $80. 800-544-6986.

Table Saw



The DW745 10-inch compact table saw is small and lightweight but has the ability to complete a range of tasks, including cutting hardwood flooring, composite decking, and pressure treated lumber, says the maker, DeWalt. The saw has a 15-amp motor, a telescoping fence with capacity to rip 16 inches right and 12 inches left, and a metal roll cage design. The saw's Rack & Pinion fence system allows for an accuracy of cut within 1/64 inch. The tool weighs 45 pounds. Price: $369. 800-433-9258.

Masonry Saw



The CM4SB2 4-inch dry-cut masonry saw from Hitachi features an 11.6-amp motor for cutting smoothly through tile, marble, granite, concrete, brick, and other materials. Designed to withstand harsh conditions, the tool features a sealed armature and switch. Other features include lower noise output than competitors, the maker says, the shortest edge-to-blade distance in its class, a one-touch depth-adjustment lever, and elastomer-covered handle. The saw delivers a no-load speed of 11,500 rpm and weighs 6.2 pounds. Price: $104. 800-829-4752.

Metal-Cutting Saw


M.K. Morse Co.

M.K. Morse Co.'s CSM14B 14-inch metal-cutting saw with dry-cutting technology features a low-speed, high-torque 15-amp motor that provides 1,300 rpm. It features a heavy-duty steel base with pre-drilled holes for bolt down onto a work bench and six preset markings, a chip collection tray, a built-in carrying handle, and an adjustable chip deflector. The tool has a 5-1/8-inch-diameter cutting capacity for pipe and 33/4-inch rectangular capacity. The saw comes with a 14-inch, 72-tooth steel-cutting carbide-tipped Metal Devil blade, which the manufacturer says lasts 17 times longer than an abrasive wheel cutting angle iron. Price: Unavailable. 330-453-8187.




New from Festool, the RO 150 FEQ dual-mode sander changes easily from coarse sanding to fine sanding to polishing with the flip of a switch, says the company, and changing pads requires no extra tools. The tool weighs 5 pounds and puts out minimal vibration. It features an enclosed gear system for protection from dust, a detachable extraction channel, a detachable power cord, a bumper guard to protect surfaces, and an ergonomic design. It has a 6-amp motor. Price: $430. 888-337-8600.

Sliding Compound Miter Saws



The LS1013FL and LS1214FL 10- and 12-inch sliding compound miter saws from Makita feature a built-in laser that can be adjusted blade left or right with micro fine adjustment and a fluorescent light that illuminates the workpiece; the laser and the light work independently of the blade rotation. The saws feature dual rails with steel linear bearings, a 15-amp direct-drive motor, soft start, and pivoting fence. They bevel left and right up to 45 degrees. The 10-inch LS1013FL provides a no-load speed of 3,700 rpm; the 12-inch LS1214FL (shown) provides 3,200 rpm. Price: LS1013FL, $529; LS1214FL, $629. 800-462-5482.




Hilti has added the TE 46, TE 56, and TE 56-ATC to its line of combihammers. The tools offer up to 40 percent faster drilling and up to 30 percent faster chiseling, the maker says. The TE 46 offers effective power transmission with medium-size bits, the company says, and can drill anchor holes from 5/8 to 1 inch in diameter or do light-duty chiseling. The TE 56 and 56-ATC (shown) drill up to 3-9/16-inch-diameter holes and can do medium-duty chiseling. The 56-ATC model has Active Torque Control that monitors tool rotation and will disengage the drive system if the housing rotates too quickly. Price: $860–$1,128. 800-879-8000.

Plate Joiner


Colonial Saw

Colonial Saw's Lamello Classic C3 plate joiner finds and reproduces the exact center groove position of the workpiece; its multi-functional, height-adjustable stop square is perfectly parallel to the front plate, the maker says, and can be locked in place for safety when the tool is used in the vertical position. The tool's swiveling front has notches at 22.5, 45, and 67.5 degrees. The tool, which delivers 10,000 rpm, features quick adjustment to six cutting depths and anti-slip pads. It comes with a wooden carrying case. Price: $439. 781-585-4364.

Digital Heat Gun



Bosch's 1944LCDK Heat Gun Kit provides precision heating for a range of applications, including stripping paint and varnish, and drying finishes. The heat gun has 109 temperature settings in 10-degree increments from 120 degrees F to 1,200 degrees F and has 10 airflow settings from 8.8 to 17.6 cfm; both settings are shown in an LCD display, and users can store and recall up to four temperature and airflow combinations. The 2-pound tool also features a removable heat shield and an integrated stand for benchtop work. Optional nozzle attachments are available. Price: $150. 877-267-2499.

Reciprocating Saw



Milwaukee now offers the 6523-21 Super Sawzall with a 360-degree rotating handle that provides users with increased control and an optimal working angle for overhead or awkward cuts. The tool has a 13-amp motor that delivers 0–3,000 spm and offers a 1-1/4-inch stroke length. It features an anti-vibration system, Quik-Lok blade clamp and keyless shoe for fast blade changing, Quik-Lok cord for fast cord replacement, and a cushioned grip. Price: $229. 800-729-3878.

Reciprocating Saw



The 9215 recip saw from Skil has an 8.5-amp motor, variable speed up to 2,700 spm, and a stroke length of 1-1/8 inch. It can cut wood, metal, and other materials, and it features tool-free blade changing and an LED power indicator light. Price: $70. 877-754-5999.

Masonry Saw



The Portasaw from Target features an easy-to-remove quick-mount cutting head and removable handles for transport. The saw has an open throat design, a fixed head, Sta-Level blade guard that keeps the guard parallel to the cutting table, and a cast aluminum conveyor cart. An optional foot pedal kit allows the user to lower the blade into the material using their foot. The saw offers 1.5 maximum horsepower. Price: $1,554–$1,882. 800-288-5040.




Designed for finishing and polishing stainless steel, Metabo's SE 12-115 burnisher features Vario Tacho Constamatic electronic speed stabilization, a long-lasting motor with winding protection grid, overload protection, auto-stop carbon brushes, spiral bevel gears for efficient power transfer, and spindle lock. The tool delivers a no-load speed of 900–2,810 rpm. Price: $659. 800-638-2264.




Perles' new UP4162RE polisher offers an optimal balance between power (1,600 watts) and weight (7.8 pounds), according to the company. The tool features soft start, a universal M14 thread for a range of accessories, safety overload that switches the tool off to protect against overheating, and constant speed under load. The tool's design allows for work in all directions from one place without changing hand position. Accessories are available for polishing 2K, synthetic materials, and sensitive dark surfaces. Price: $275. 877-897-6220.

Circular Saw



According to Ridgid, the new Fuego 6-1/2-inch compact framing saw is the fastest and lightest corded framing saw on the market and offers the performance of a 7-1/2-inch saw. The tool weighs 8 pounds and has a 12-amp motor that provides 6,100 rpm. Other features include magnesium upper and lower blade guards for more strength at a lighter weight; a strong, ultra-light composite shoe; ratcheting lock levers; and an integrated dust blower. It offers 0- to 50-degree bevel capacity with a 45-degree positive stop. Price: $139. 800-474-3443.

Safety Glasses


North Safety Products

Rebel Series protective eyewear from North Safety Products features a highly curved "unilens" that combines protection with sporty styling. Other details include a custom fit and the North 3A coating for extended lens life. The lenses come in four shades. Price: Unavailable. 800-430-4110.




HurriQuake nails are designed to withstand the forces of uplift and shear, which account for much of the damage during hurricanes and earthquakes, says the maker, Bostitch. The nails feature a nearly 25 percent larger head for increased holding power and a shank design with aggressive ring geometry to reduce withdrawal failure. According to the firm, testing shows that the nails offer twice the resistance to high wind conditions. They are rated for hurricane wind conditions and gusts of up to 170 mph, and they exceed Miami-Dade County code. In addition, the firm says, the nails offer 50 percent more resistance to earthquake conditions. Price: $38–$43 per box. 800-556-6696.

Hose Connection system


High Tech Air Connection

High Tech Air Connection's Direct Fit Air Hose System includes a lightweight, all-weather hose and compact, push-on connectors that allow the hose to be plugged directly into the tool and air source without the need for heavy fittings. And if the hose ever gets damaged, simply slice it off cleanly and reattach the connector. A splicer fitting for connecting two hoses together or for repairing a mid-hose tear and a compressor-end check valve are also available. Price: Varies. 877-247-6283.

Finish Nailer



The T250A-F16 is the first 16-gauge angled finish nailer on the market, says the maker, Paslode. The tool combines power and light weight with an angle that allows users to get into tight spaces. It features Quick Clear jam clearing, tool-free depth-of-drive, and a two-step follower for fast loading. It drives finish nails from 1-1/4 to 2-1/2 inches. Price: $219. 800-682-3428.

Multi Tool



Leatherman's Core multi tool offers the features of the company's standard-size line but in a larger scale–it outweighs the Super Tool 200 by about 15 percent and has a wider profile that allows for greater torque. The tool's plier jaws have the company's elliptical hub design, but with an increased size they are the strongest made by the company. The tool also includes two large knives, four screwdrivers, a saw, wire cutters, cable cutters, a container opener, a ruler, and a sharp awl with stitching loop. Price: $76. 800-847-8665.

Cordless Crimper



The newly designed Burndy Patriot PAT750XT-18V battery-powered hydraulic crimping tool from FCI provides consistent, reliable connections on up to 750 kcmil copper and aluminum terminals and splices, the company says, with a 2.6-amp-hour NiMH battery that delivers maximum crimps per charge. The tool features 360-degree head rotation, an ergonomic design, and an audible crimp indicator. Its bearing and alignment guide allow for use with Hyground and other asymmetrical connectors, and it works with all Burndy U-style dies. Price: Unavailable. 800-346-4175.

Tape Measure



Designed to make it easier and faster to draw or cut straight lines, the Komelon Speed Guard tape measure features a double-sided hook for easy gripping and a lock or pause button to hold the blade in place. The unit is ergonomically designed and comes in 16- and 25-foot lengths. Price: 16-foot, $13; 25-foot, $15. 888-396-8273.



GRK Fasteners

GRK Fasteners' Caliburn concrete screw is available with three head types: a smaller head for fastening metal plates with recessed screw holes; Caliburn PH (pan head) for electrical applications; and Caliburn XL, which has a large washer head for greater drawing power. The screws' thread design is more aggressive than conventional high-low threads for concrete applications, the firm says. The screws are available with Climatek coating and come in lengths from 1-3/4 to 5 inches. Price: $13–$21 per pound. 800-263-0463.



The Easy Coper plastic jig allows you to use an electric jigsaw to cope crown molding, the firm says, eliminating the need to use a handheld coping saw. The tool keeps the angle of the jigsaw blade constant throughout the cut, creating a uniform undercut each time. Price: $35. 336-375-9401.