Dust-Free Drywall Sander


Festool has applied its expertise in dust collection to the world of drywall sanding. The company's new Planex sander is designed to produce an extremely smooth finish while capturing virtually all of the dust. It consists of an 8-1/2-inch shrouded sanding head and a hollow handle that connects by hose to a vacuum. Although it can be used with any vacuum, the tool works best with the CT 36 AutoClean Dust Extractor, which maintains suction by periodically purging the filters of dust. The sander's 43-inch modular handle can be lengthened to 63 or 83 inches with the use of optional extensions. Speed can be regulated for rough or fine sanding and suction adjusted to support the weight of the tool as it glides across the wall or ceiling.
Price: $1,000 for the sanding kit, $750 for the vac. 888-337-8600. www.festoolusa.com.