Skilsaw 10 1/4-inch worm drive saw "Sawsquatch"
David Frane Skilsaw 10 1/4-inch worm drive saw "Sawsquatch"
Skilsaw 10 1/4-inch worm drive saw "Sawsquatch"
Skilsaw Skilsaw 10 1/4-inch worm drive saw "Sawsquatch"
Skilsaw 10 1/4-inch worm drive saw "Sawsquatch"
Skilsaw Skilsaw 10 1/4-inch worm drive saw "Sawsquatch"

Skil recently rebranded its pro-grade saws under the Skilsaw label and immediately after introduced two new sidewinders. Now it has announced a new wormdrive, a 10 1/4-inch model capable of cutting 4-by material in a single pass. In what appears to be a play on Big Foot Tools’ 10 1/4-inch saw, they’re calling it the Sawsquatch.

I saw the Sawsquatch (model SPT70WM-22) last week at the STAFDA show in Charlotte, NC. Being so much larger than the other saws on display, it was hard not to notice the thing. I asked the product manager what—aside from its cutting capacity—was so special about this tool. He said that unlike Big Foot’s 10 1/4-inch model (Big Ten Inch), which is based on a 7 1/4-inch wormdrive, this saw was built from the ground up to carry a 10 1/4-inch blade; the motor is bigger and the gearing is different than those in the company’s 7 1/4-inch models.

Saws with 10 1/4-inch blades are niche tools used by framers, timber framers, log home builders, and others who need to cut “oversize” material. There are not many choices for people who prefer to cut thick material with circular saws instead of chainsaws: Makitaeaxyawrztaccvtaxfraexavutudzyvawd and Milwaukee make 10 1/4-inch sidewinders and Big Foot Tools converts 7 1/4-inch wormdrives; Skilsaw’s Sawsquatch is the only 10 1/4-inch wormdrive I'm aware of that way from the factory..

Like other current Skilsaw models, the Sawsquatch has a Dual-Field motor, which is said to cool more efficiently because the field coil (the copper windings on the stator within which the rotor spins) has more surface area than field coils in other brands of saws. Cooling is important because you don’t want the motor to “burn up” under heavy cutting loads.

The tool has an 8-foot cord and the blade guard, foot plate, and gear housing are made from magnesium. Though it’s still a heavy saw—as would expected for a wormdrive of this size. Like other models bearing the Skilsaw label, this saw comes with a Stay True guarantee; you can use the tool for up to 180 days and if you don’t like it you can return it for a refund.

SPT70WM-22 Specs
Motor: 15 amps
Speed: 4,600 RPM
Max cut at 90 degrees: 3-11/16”
Max cut at 45 degrees: 2-3/4”
Max cut at 51 degrees: 2 1/2”
Cord length: 8’
Weight: 16.5 pounds (w/o blade, cord, or wrench)
Supplied blade: Diablo; 40-tooth carbide
Country of origin: China
Price: $449