Here are some new tools I saw at the World of Concrete – and they're not all for concrete.

Cordless Grinder

Metabo is known for their grinders so it's no surprise that their 4 1/2-inch cordless model (W 18 LTX) has premium features such as a quick-adjust guard, rotating base, and a filter that snaps over the air intake to keep dust and grit out of the motor. The kit version includes tool, charger, case, and two batteries – and sells for about $375.

Combinator Wheel

While we're on the subject of grinders, I thought I'd mention an unusual 4 1/2-inch grinding wheel that was introduced last spring – the Metabo Combinator. Most wheels will either cut or grind; the Combinator is designed to do both – which allows you to cut and grind without changing wheels or having to bring a second grinder. The wheels cost $3.90 apiece.

Not Your Average Ladder

Little Giant doesn't make regular ladders – they make the ladder equivalents of kids' transformer toys. Fold it this way it does one thing, that way and it does something else. In addition to their existing ladder products (and the Black Ox wheelbarrow covered) the company was showing a new one called the Cage. It's designed to comply with OSHA rules that require workers to be tied off or on a completely enclosed platform (like a scissor lift) when working more than 6 feet above the ground. The Cage allows you keep using a ladder – and do it more safely. It's a brand new product and will go on the market in June.

Dustless Brick Saw

There's nothing unusual about using a chop saw with a diamond wheel to cut brick – but is unusual to do it without creating huge clouds of dust. IQ Power Tools' IQ360 14-inch masonry chop saw has a built-in vacuum that pulls dust down through a slot in the table. The dust is captured in the base and removed from the exhaust air by a filter. By the way, the clear plastic windows in the base of the tool in the video are there so people can see what's inside. There are no windows in production model.

Dust-Collecting Cutoff Saw

Cutoff saws make quick work of masonry and concrete – but unfortunately, most of them produce horrible clouds of dust. IQ Power Tools' Power Cutter is designed to prevent that problem by collecting dust as it comes off the blade. The tool I saw was a prototype; the dust collector part is for real but the actual product will use a proprietary saw – not the Stihl shown in the video.

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February 22, 2012

Would be useful where dust is a factor. otherwise would not use due it's cost. how much are the blades?

Posted By: | Time: 11:30:09.067 AM

February 22, 2012

You guys have to invest in a remote mic, they aren't that expensive! I can never understand half of what the interviewee is saying.

Posted By: Brimac | Time: 10:36:43.07 PM