Milwaukee Subcompact Specialty Tools
Subcompact cordless tools are a fast-growing trend and no brand has taken them further than Milwaukee's M12 line. Two real specialty standouts from this line deserve mention for their creativity and utility: the Hackzall mini recip saw and the motorized copper-tubing cutter. The Hackzall is a tiny one-handed Sawzall for making fine cuts. It fits standard recip saw blades or the line of 4-inch blades made just for it. The copper-tubing cutter is a direct replacement for a manual tubing cutter and works the same way, but its motor spins the cutter head. It cuts much faster and allows easier access to water lines parallel to a wall than a manual cutter, and it works on copper tubing from 3/8 to 1 inch in diameter. Milwaukee 2420-22 Hackzall: $99. 2471-21 copper-tubing cutter kit: $129. 800-729-3878.