More than one tradesman has accidentally destroyed a 2-stroke machine by accidentally filling it with plain gas instead of the required gas/oil mixture. With its 4-stroke engine, Makita’s EK7651H power cutter (video below) does away with the need to carry two different gas cans and the possibility that the wrong mix (or a bad mix) might damage the motor—leading to the need for an expensive rebuild.

The machine takes a 14-inch blade and is designed for wet or dry cutting in concrete, steel, and masonry. According to the manufacturer the 4-stroke engine makes for smoother, quieter, and more efficient operation than is possible with similar (2-stroke) machines. Features include integrated retractable wheels, a hose connection, and automatic decompression (to reduce pull-starting force). The video below was shot in Las Vegas in January 2014 at The World of Concrete.