In June I reported on some sightings of 4.0 Ah batteries: a Metabo battery that had been released for sale in the U.S., a Hitachi battery that’s available in Europe, and a photo of a DeWalt battery that was taken under mysterious circumstances in Australia and then posted on the DeWalt Owners Group forum.

It has since been confirmed that DeWalt will be offering a 4.0 Ah battery in Europe. ToolGuyd posted a story with a link to a U.K. tool vendor who said the battery would be hitting the market in August. A story on the Coptool website provided a link to the promotional video below.

The most interesting piece of information came from Chris Rodenius over at Tool-Rank. Chris found a recently issued U.S. patent for a Makita battery that has a gauge, while pointing out that it is not at all unusual for a company to get a patent and then never produce the product. I agree - not every product gets made, but this one (or something like it) almost surely will.