It's good to know that someone at Bosch has a sense of humor. In this promotional video a couple of Australians who claim to be tradies (tradesmen) try to destroy a Bosch cordless drill/driver. They start with all of the usual things: dropping it from the roof, running over it with trucks, and beating it with a sledge hammer. When that doesn't work they have to get creative – and if the "TV smash" and "concrete fist" are not creative, then I don't know what is.

I particularly like the cameo appearance (at the 2:45 mark) by the Australian rules footballer, Barry Hall – who was known for his brutal style of play (he even looks tough in a toga). I don't know if Bosch is planning to do a U.S. version of the video. If they are, then they might want to ask Mike Tyson to take a bite out of the drill or Ndamukong Suh to stomp on it.

Does the video prove anything? Well, it shows that the drill/driver is tough – though I'd be surprised if competing pro-grade tools could not withstand similar abuse.

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September 04, 2012


Posted By: gmhemr | Time: 7:45:14.11 PM

September 04, 2012

It keeps on running!

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September 09, 2012

I don't know where the ad was shot or who provided the props because whoever set it up does not have much knowledge of Tradies in OZ. The vehicles in the ads are American pick up trucks and are not seen over here.We predominantly drive utes with dropside trays. If they were real tradies vehicles they would have metal tool boxes and compressors on board and quite possibly a generator as well as racks for ladders and planks etc. Never ever have I seen a site carpenter use a Japanese folding saw. As there is a reference to Aussie Rules Football they could have least dressed the people properly. In winter and especially at finals time many tradies wear clothing denoting their footy team. Over recent years the football clubs have jacked up the proces of such apparel so many now only wear the football socks. I don't know where this video is supposed to be shown. My suspicion is that it is for the US market. Chippy

Posted By: Chippy | Time: 9:33:54.033 AM

September 09, 2012

I exceeded my 1000 characters limit so here is the last part. No tool manufacturer puts on on ads on TV like that here. Tools are promoted through tool outlet ads. The main form of promotion is by catalogues and fliers put in mail boxes. No self respecting Aussie Tradie would treat his tools like that reagardless of how well made they were. Chippy

Posted By: Chippy | Time: 9:43:26.173 AM