Bosch built its model 3924 24-volt compound miter saw with trim carpenters and punch-out crews in mind. It's light, powerful, compact, and accurate. The battery quickly whips the 10-inch, 40-tooth, thin-kerf blade up to speed. The saw powers through all kinds of base, case, and crown, yet its blade stops quickly with a powerful brake. I'm not ready to drop my cords yet, but I had a good experience on my first run-through with this saw.

I read the owner's manual and gave the 24-volt Nicad batteries (the saw comes with two) a one-hour charge before running the tool. Out of the box, the saw needed some minor adjusting to get it to cut true 45s. All of the adjustment bolts are accessible and turn easily with the on-board hex wrench. I was able to tune the saw quickly, even though I wished I had another set of hands to tighten bolts while I held the alignment. Also, I had to tape the guard back while I made my adjustments.

I cut 1-by pine, 2x6 SPF, and 4-1/2-inch pine crown to check the tool's accuracy, power, and "feel." The 3924 cut through the pine like a champ, making quick work of the 1-by material with glass-smooth cuts and minimal tear-out. This tool has so much power you could cut base, case, and crown for a good while before realizing it has a battery. It acts like it's plugged in. The saw made square cuts and the blade didn't wobble, bend, or bog down while the battery was fresh. It also cut a 2x6 at 90 degrees, and although I didn't try it, the company claims it will cut a 4x4 on a 45-degree bevel. I noticed a little bog-down while cutting the 2x6, but cutting framing members isn't this tool's main purpose.

This saw easily cuts crown on the flat. The 33.9-degree, left-only bevel has a great stop, so you don't have to try to read the scale (which is a little tough to see clearly). The stamped miter scale has two positive detents for 31.6 degrees left and right. And, when you're trying to decide which way to flip the crown for an outside-right or an inside-left cut, there's a good reminder in the owner's manual. If you like to cut crown angled upright against the fence, the tool will accept a maximum crown size of 4-1/4-inches in that position. The company claims the new saw will provide up to 150 cuts on its two fully charged batteries -- which is enough, it says, to meet a trim carpenter's needs for a day's work.

The miter-lock knob and detent trigger feel good and move the table smoothly. The detents are rock-solid and there's an accurate override for slightly off-angle cuts. The fence to the left side of the blade adjusts with a lever and slides out when compound cutting. The table extension slides out, but not far enough to help support long material. However, the quick-clamp hold-down helps if you're working alone. And Bosch did a good job with the guard. It certainly didn't hang up anywhere, but it's a little tough to see a light pencil line because the guard's a little blurry.

This compact saw fits in among my other tools, and, at 30 pounds, it's easy to lift. For more information, contact Bosch Power Tools; 877-267-2499.

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