BT622 6.0 Ah Bosch Battery
Bosch BT622 6.0 Ah Bosch Battery

Bosch has announced the industry’s first 6.0 Ah 18-volt lithium-ion tool battery. It’s not the only 6.0 Ah tool battery—Hilti has made a 36-volt 6.0 Ah pack for years—but it is the first in what for pros is the “standard” voltage platform. The BAT622 is the same size and weight as FatPacks and is compatible with all Bosch 18-volt lithium-ion tools. According to its maker, it will provide up to 45 percent more runtime over the current “industry standard” 4.0 Ah packs.

Greater storage capacity is only part of the package. A thermally conductive housing is said to extend the life of battery cells by keeping them cooler during charging and discharging cycles. Further protection is provided by an electronic monitoring system in the tools, which regulates voltage draw and monitors heat in the tool and the battery; if either become too hut the system shuts them down before they can be damaged.

Rating: 18 volts; 6.0 Ah
Fuel gauge: yes
Drop tested to: 3 meters (9.9 feet)
Country of origin: Malaysia
Suggested retail: $129