It's hard not to look up to a guy like Dick Proenneke – he had guts and determination, and knew more than a little bit about using tools.

Check out this clip from "Alone in the Wilderness", one of three feature-length videos created from film Proenneke shot in the late 1960s so he could show his friends in the lower 48 what it was like to live in the wilds of Alaska.

I saw the full version of this several years back and it was well worth watching. This clip is less than 10 minutes long – if you can't wait to get to the tool part then skip ahead (to 4:00). After making a mallet and handles for the steel tools he hauled in with him, he goes on to notch and fit logs to build his cabin – all by hand. There are some good shots of saw, ax, and chisel work here - and some quick but accurate scribing with a folding rule (5:40).

Proenneke built the cabin after retiring from the navy and lived there for the next 30 years. He moved back to civilization at the age of 83 and died three years later in 2003 – leaving his cabin to the National Park Service. It's in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve.