You heard me – an electric bicycle from a power tool manufacturer. But if you want one, you'll have to move to Europe, Asia, or Australia – just about anywhere that isn't North America. The bike has pedal assist and is powered by a pair of 18-volt LXT batteries.

I first saw this thing (BBY180) on Makita's Chinese website and it struck me as kind of crazy. But then I thought about the large factories and warehouses where workers get around on bikes, and airports and malls where cops ride Segways. Why not a battery-powered bicycle?

If this was the norm, someone who did facilities maintenance could power his tools with the same batteries that got him to the work area. This makes me wonder what else could be done with the batteries we already have. In Europe they have battery-powered wheelbarrows and battery-powered outdoor power equipment is quite common.

Not that I want a Makita bike, but I went online and found one for 675 Euros ($850 USD) on Amazon's German website.

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September 04, 2012

It is a crappy over price electric bike. They didn't proof read the brochure either spelling front as Font

Posted By: koatree | Time: 9:24:32.36 PM

September 05, 2012

David, If you want to have fun, go to to see their Dewalt cordless drill powered scooter. Imagine pulling into the jobsite with one of these, plus you can drill when you get there.

Posted By: Nailgunner 347 | Time: 11:14:25.457 PM