DeWalt wireless Bluetooth speaker
DeWalt DeWalt wireless Bluetooth speaker

This spring DeWalt announced the release of an adapter that can be plugged into the auxiliary port of a jobsite radio and used to connect it to a Bluetooth enabled device such as a smartphone. I thought maybe the next step would be a Bluetooth radio to compete with Milwaukee’s. I guessed wrong; the next Bluetooth product has been announced and it’s a wireless speaker (DCR006).

The speaker can be powered by 12V and 20V MAX batteries or an included AC adapter. Streaming audio and MP3s can be played through the speaker by connecting it to an audio device such as phone, MP3 player, or tablets. Devices can be connected wirelessly by Bluetooth or by plugging them into the unit’s auxiliary port. If the speaker is connected to a phone, and it receives a call, the volume automatically mutes. A built-in USB port can be used to charge devices that are plugged into it; it can do this when running on AC or battery power.

Heavily overmolded edges protect the speaker from damage. The controls are simple; there’s an on/off switch, volume control, a mute button, and a button for pairing the unit with a Bluetooth device. To save power, the speaker automatically turns off when disconnected from a Bluetooth device for an extended period of time.

In some ways, I think this product is cooler than a jobsite radio. The radio reception in my shop is terrible, so I only listen to streamed music and MP3s. For that, a wireless speaker is the perfect device because it’s small and doesn’t contain the radio parts I don’t need.

DCR006 Specs
Power: AC adapter; 12V and 20V MAX batteries
Speakers: two 2 1/2”
Ports: auxiliary input; powered USB
Street price: $79