DeWalt just announced the launch of the DCB090, a new dual-voltage USB power adapter.

It’s a cool idea; use the batteries from your power tools to charge or power USB devices such as phones, mp3 players, and most tablets. DeWalt is not the first tool company to produce such a device; Milwaukee introduced an M12 Power Port several years back and the M18 Power Source last summer. What’s different about DeWalt’s is that it has two USB outlets (instead of the usual one) and can be powered by two kinds of battery, the company’s 12V or 20V MAX packs.

This should prove to be a handy item for the contractor who uses DeWalt’s slide-mount battery packs and wants to use them to charge or power USB devices. I have Milwaukee’s M12 Power Port and it’s great – though it’s not capable of powering an iPad. I’m not sure if the M12 Power Source or the DCB090 can do it either. No matter, it’s enough for me that they can power phones and other small USB devices.

The DeWalt Power Source will be released in September and will sell for approximately $29.