Here's a quick look at the specs, features, pros, and cons of the Metabo SB18LTXBL Quick hammer drill/driver. This information was excerpted from a tool test in the Spring 2015 issue of Tools of the Trade. The main story contains an overview plus runtime and power test data for all tools tested.

Metabo SB18LTXBL
Battery: 18 volts; 5.2 Ah
Battery gauge: 4 bars; on battery
Weight (pounds): 4.9; with handle 5.33
Rpm: 0-600; 0-2,050
Hammer Bpm: 0-38,950
Other Features: Brushless motor; electronic clutch; removable chuck; dual LED headlights; 6 7/8-inch side handle; belt hook; onboard bit holder
Price: Kit $399
Includes: Tool; 2 batteries; charger; compact plastic case
Country of origin: Tool Germany; battery Hungary
Performance: Rated very good under heavy duty uses and a top-tier performer overall. Second in runtime. (See comparison tables in Main Story)
Comments: Exotic brushless motor tool with high power, long runtime, and complicated electronic controls.
Pro: Impulse feature that pulses the tool on and off rapidly for starting holes in metal and gaining grip on stripped screw heads. Clutch bypass button on top of the tool lets you switch into drill mode without moving the clutch setting dial. Belt hook that mounts on either side of tool. Removable chuck to fit other drive heads, providing versatility.
Con: Electronic clutch is too precise to consistently sink fasteners into wood so you must set it higher or leave it in drill mode. Shortest side handle requires extra muscle to fight big bits. LED headlights on base aimed too low to illuminate fastener driving. Motion sensor that controls headlight turns the light on unexpectedly when not in use, which is distracting to work around. Battery release button touches wrist which pushes battery off.