M18 FUEL™ 4½" / 5" Braking Grinder Kit
Paddle Switch, No-Lock
Milwaukee Tool M18 FUEL™ 4½" / 5" Braking Grinder Kit Paddle Switch, No-Lock

Grinders are one of the top selling tools in every country where power tools are sold. Why? Because they are versatile; you can use them to cut, grind, and prep the surface of just about any metal you can think of. And they can also be used on concrete, masonry, and tile.

Traditionally, tradesmen have used corded models for these applications but in recent years the proliferation of brushless motors and higher capacity batteries made it possible for them to go cordless. Milwaukee introduced its first brushless (FUEL) grinders a couple of years back. This second generation grinder (2783) builds on the performance of its M18 predecessors (2780 and 2781) through the addition of a brake that will stop any accessory in less than 2 seconds; cutoff wheels stop in less than 1 second. The brake makes the tool safer and easier to use because by the time you put it down the wheel has stopped or almost stopped, so there’s no chance it will damage the surface or catch on something and cause the tool to go skittering away.

Features include a paddle switch that can’t be locked on, a clutch to prevent kickback, and a FIXTEC nut that allows accessories to be removed and installed without using tools. The supplied guards can also be adjusted without tools. The tool launched in July 2015 and is available in kit form or bare.

M18 Fuel Grinder (2783) Specs
Accessories: 4 1/2” and 5”
Battery; 18 volts
Switch: non-locking paddle
Speed: 8,500 RPM
Arbor: 5/8”
Length: 15.25”
Weight: 6.1 lbs.
Warranty: 5 years tool; 3 years battery
Kit version (2783-22) includes: grinder, side handle, two 5.0 Ah XC batteries, multi-voltage charger, flange nut, FIXTEC nut, T27 wheel guard, T1 wheel guard, and carry case.
Country of Origin: China
Price: $460 kit; $220 bare (2783-20)