By Michael Springer- August 19, 2008

Part II

Two weeks ago, we told you about some upcoming Fall tool releases from some of the biggest brands that will be profiled in the September/October issue of Tools of the Trade. Since then, we've found a few more launches that we can reveal.

Milwaukee started two new lithium-ion cordless tool platforms last year but only had one tool in each. The 12-volt subcompact line featured a lone driver, and the compact 18-volt line had one drill/driver. Milwaukee has expanded those two lines with a dozen new tools. The M12 subcompact tools include an impact driver, a mini-Sawzall named the Hackzall, and an innovative motorized copper tubing cutter. The M18 line features both the original compact battery and a new full-sized 18-volt battery. New tools include a Sawzall, circ saw, drill/driver, and impact driver, among others.

Panasonic has an entirely new voltage coming out for their new drill/drivers--21.6-volts. These lithium-ion tools will be the first in a line that will see additions next year. Panasonic's well-established 14.4-volt lithium-ion line also has several new tools coming including a rotary hammer/driver, jigsaw, grinder, and metal-cutting circ saw.

Craftsman has news with the introduction of their 12-volt lithium-ion NEXTEC line. These subcompact tools will start out with a drill/driver, worklight, and combination recip/jigsaw. A cordless nailer will be unveiled soon after. This interesting little tool is said to work like a palm nailer, but is shaped like a 90-degree drill.

Be sure to check out the September/October issue for all the details.