At the beginning of the year I posted a survey on 18-volt tools and within a month 880 people responded. The survey was set up so answers could be separated by trade. Of those who responded, 158 (18%) clicked the box for “handyman”, what I would refer to as a repair carpenter. The tables below contain repair carpenters’ responses to the following three multiple choice questions.

  • Which 18-volt tools do you currently own?
  • Which do you wish you owned (that you don't own now)?
  • What is your favorite brand of 18-volt tools?

Links to the results for other trades can be found at the bottom of this page.

Repair carpenters like tools but are clearly not as tooled up as the average remodeler or builder is. And that makes sense; the average handyman works by himself and is quite likely on a tighter budget. This shows up in their brand preferences too, where some of the less expensive brands play a more prominent role.

At the top of the repair carpenter’s cordless wish list is a jigsaw and finish/brad nailer. After that it would be a multi-tool, orbital sander, and right angle drill or drill/driver. At the bottom of the list would be plate joiners and concrete vibrators. And why not, building cabinets and placing concrete could hardly be considered repair work.

The links below will take you to the results for those particular trades: