One of Makita’s innovations is making powerful 36-volt tools that don’t require a 36-volt battery. Instead, their line of X2 tools fit two of the brand’s more popular 18-volt batteries to provide the 36-volt power. This way users don’t have to keep track of two types of battery packs and chargers for their full-size cordless tools on the job.

The XSL02 is the new upgraded X2 version of Makita’s elegant cordless sliding miter saw that will be available in December 2015. The saw’s basic design with its wide sliding capacity of over 12 1/2 inches remains the same, but the new motor is stronger and able to spin the saw’s 7 1/2-inch blade at 5,700 rpm. The slower-cutting 18-volt version is limited to 2,200 rpm to provide enough torque. Cost: $600 (online; tool only)

Makitas XCV04 is a versatile new mini HEPA vac. As an X2 tool, it can run off two battery packs for 36 volt DC cordless convenience and portability or it can be run as an AC corded tool for longer running. The vac features variable suction operation and an onboard fuel gauge for both battery packs. Also available with a standard filter as the model XCV03. The vacs are scheduled to hit the market in March 2016. Cost: Unknown at this point.