Eurostyle Tracksaws

Dewalt's European-style circ saw
Dewalt's European-style circ saw

DeWalt introduces two portable, European-style circ saws designed with integral straight-edge bases in 59- and 102-inch lengths for cross-cutting and ripping sheet materials. The corded (DWS520, shown) and cordless (DC351) TrackSaws let users make splinter-free precision cuts with table-saw quality and panel-saw convenience, according to the company. The tools travel along a zero-clearance aluminum track and feature plunge bases and anti-kickback mechanisms.
¦ Price: $499 to $999. 800-433-9258.

Welding Tables

Strong Hand Tools' modular welding table
Strong Hand Tools' modular welding table

Welding equipment maker Strong Hand Tools introduces an economically priced, modular welding table under the BuildPro brand. The table surface is a series of removable, reconfigurable, hardened steel plates spaced 1-3/4 inches apart and punched with 5/8-inch holes in a 2-inch grid pattern, which allows work pieces to be clamped at any point. A heavy-duty support base provides a 2-ton load capacity.
¦ Price: $2,200. 800-989-5244.