Along with being controversial, OSHA’s new 606-page final rule is also complex and full of hidden details that are likely to affect you and your business. So how do you know what work practices are covered by the rule, and whether or not the work you’re performing will fall under these new regulations? Remodeling Magazine’s editor Craig Webb offers some guidance:

  1. A 2 ½ page fact sheet is a good place to start. In it you will find answers to the question like: Who is affected by the construction standard and what does the standard require?
  2. A collection of FAQs provides basic information about the rule.
  3. An important table in the final rule lays out ways to comply based on the equipment you’re using and the work being performed.

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Remodeling Magazine has a dedicated section that covers the new silica rule. Check it out for more articles and insights as this regulation evolves.