Bosch VAC140A

Vac motor amps: 7.5 to 9.5
Connected tool amps: 5.5 to 7.5
Nominal canister volume: 14.5 gal.
Cord length: 13 feet 8 inches
Hose size: 10 feet 8 inches; 32mm i.d.; hose end 27mm i.d.
Weight (pounds): 40 pounds
Country of origin: Italy
Price: $763 ($663 tool + $100 for VF120H HEPA filter)
Includes: Standard filter, plastic liner bag (HEPA filter must be purchased separately)
Static lift (suction): 69* to 79 inches of water
Noise at 8 feet away: 71 dBA
Filter-bag volume: 6 gal.
* Suction can be further reduced to 48 with hose vent opened.

Pro Wide caster stance makes this tall unit more stable; the only unit with a drain tube for emptying wet contents without lifting or tilting the vac; Bosch L-Boxx tool boxes can click into the top of the vac for onboard tool storage and transport.
Con You have to remember to turn off the automatic-filter-cleaning-feature button every time you turn on the vac with a HEPA filter or filter bag installed.

Bottom line A nice vac overall, but the non-automatic-cleaning version (which also does not have a variable-speed motor) may be better suited for use as a HEPA vac. Both styles also available with smaller, 9-gallon canisters.