Metabo ASR35ACP (HEPA)

Vac motor amps: 5 to 11
Connected tool amps: 4 to 10
Nominal canister volume: 9.25 gal.
Cord length: 26 feet 2 inches
Hose size: 11 feet; 37mm i.d.; hose end 24.5mm i.d.
Weight: 37 pounds
Country of origin: Germany
Price: $715
Includes: Plastic liner bag
Static lift (suction): 28 to 73 inches of water
Noise at 8 feet away: 76 dBA
Filter-bag volume: 4.5 gal.


Pro: Wider hose than most for debris pickup; when set on auto-filter-clean mode, built-in sensors cycle cleaning only when necessary. Body is low and stable.

Con: Vigorous shaking of the filters and the flexing of their gaskets is an apparent weak spot for fine-dust leakage when using without a liner bag; the short body design is not the easiest to push around the jobsite (but is low and stable).

Bottom line: A very sturdy and compact vac with high-performance results all around. Comes in a close second. For RRP work, it should be noted, having a small, easy-to-carry unit is a plus. All models are impossible to clean of lead dust, so you need to carry on and off the job in a plastic bag. For RRP work, a small package offers an advantage.