Along with being one of the most knowledgeable remodeling contractors I’ve ever met, Mike Guertin is also the most frugal (frugality does not imply a sacrifice in quality as Guertin holds himself to the highest standards). As an editor, I’ve had the privilege of visiting Guertin on several occasions over the years and have seen this latter trait on display first-hand. As an example, he saves scraps of housewrap for use on future jobs – scraps, not partial rolls. And if you think that he might waste more time looking for these scraps to use than is warranted, think again; he’s as efficient and organized as he is frugal.

So it was no surprise to me when I came across Guertin’s method for installing joist hangers in a recent issue of Professional Deck Builder. It’s a jig that’s as inexpensive to make as it is simple, while achieving a greater end: the jig speeds up production and makes for a more accurate installation. Who doesn’t want an easier, faster, more accurate way to install joist hangers? Read More