I like going anywhere things are made: shops, jobsites, and factories - you name it. A few months back I toured the Lenox plant in Western Massachusetts and at the end of my visit they showed me the test area, which contained a band saw the likes of which I have never seen before.

I had gone to the factory to see how recip saw blades are made – and that was very cool. But the image that sticks in my mind is the giant metal cutting band saw in the test area. It was one of a number of saws used to test band saw blades, which are the number one item produced in the plant. I've seen photos of larger band saws (wood cutting models in lumber mills) but this was the largest metal cutting model I'd seen in person and I couldn't believe the size of the material it was capable of cutting. Check out the slideshow on this page to see the saw and some of the other cool items in the test area.