German plane-maker Kunz has a new premium plane line. We were the first folks in the U.S. to get our hands on the 5 Plus jack plane ($230), which has a modified Norris-type adjuster and cheeks reminiscent of the old Stanley Bedrocks. The plane's fit and finish are on par with those of other mid-to-premium plane brands, and it has a unique locking knob atop the lever cap that cinches down all the adjustments. The first plane out in the premium line was the 4 Plus, which we examined last year. The extended series is expected to include a #62 low angle, a #100, and a #9-1/2 block plane (following Stanley lineage numbering). After those will be a version of the Preston #1368 and possibly Stanley patterns #4-1/2 and # 5-1/2. Kunz planes are distributed in the U.S. by Robert Larson Co. 800-356-2195,