I kind of like repairing tools – taking them apart and putting them back together so they work. Imagine how much easier it would be to do that if the parts diagram looked something like this.

April 03, 2012

I love it, you can lose the music but it is very helpful.

Posted By: davenstl | Time: 7:12:59.313 PM

April 04, 2012

Looks idiot resistant.

Posted By: LD-100 | Time: 12:28:18.23 AM

April 07, 2012

Gotta love those self-installing O-rings and piston rings. In the future, there'll be some glasses and an app for your phone that will identify what you're looking at as you reassemble something like this chain saw. Fourth graders will be able to fix helicopters.

Posted By: BobboMax | Time: 1:10:58.727 AM