For most of us, the idea of cutting concrete with a chainsaw seems totally bizarre. But with the right kind of saw and blade it is entirely possible. ICS is one of a number of companies that make such saws, which differ in several ways from conventional models, the main ones being: they have a special bar, take a diamond embedded abrasive chain, and lubricate the chain with water instead of oil.

On projects where there is a lot of concrete cutting to do it probably makes sense to bring in a beam-mounted wall saw, but where it’s hard to get to the area to be cut or where there is not a lot of cutting to do a concrete chainsaw may be the way to go.

The video below was shot at JLC LIVE in Portland Oregon. I thought it was odd that ICS would travel to a show that caters to tradesmen and general contractors instead of concrete contractors. But as it turns out they did not have to go far because ICS is headquartered in Portland.