I don't speak Russian so I can't tell you what this guy is saying but if you watch the video you'll get the gist of his clever jig for boarding a ceiling without a helper.

It consists of a platform with some vertical posts (2-by or whatever size they'd be in Russia) that support one end of the drywall. He lifts the piece onto the posts, steps up on the platform, and lifts the back end of the board to the ceiling.

The lighting is poor, but if you skip to the 1:14 point of the video you can see him pivot a second set of arms into the vertical position so they hold the drywall in place. If you don't feel like watching him fasten the board – you can skip to the 3:24 point for a good shot of how the pivots works.

It's not high-tech, but it beats the heck out of making T-shaped braces out of 2x4s and using them to wedge the board against the ceiling. And it's cheaper than buying a factory-made lift.

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February 07, 2012

Much too complicated. All you need is a 4-foot, 2" x 4" ledger screwed to the wall 1-1/2" down from the ceiling, a gate hinge screwed to the ledger and to a 2" x 10" or 2" x 12" cut short of the directional length and a "T" dead man positioned nearby to hold the plank and board once you get them in the air. Everything stays solid and there's enough room to wiggle the D/W board around to position it properly. The d/w board is loaded while the plank is resting on the floor or better yet a step stool or short ladder. I did a job like this in my early 60's for a kitchen in Newport, RI. Worked like a charm. Of course I practiced on other jobs while I was still in my 50's.

Posted By: Bob Monty | Time: 7:57:30.773 PM

February 08, 2012

Stupidious backyard, dangerous way to run a job. If he falls , gets hurt, there's no one to help him!This film is the dumbest film I have seen in along time! Sheet rock lifts are not that expensive, you can even rent them. I would have hung two sheets in the time it took to money that up! Nuff Said!!

Posted By: dinos735 | Time: 5:05:14.697 AM