Tim Uhler has most aspects of framing down to a science: He breaks big jobs into smaller tasks and tries not to waste any motion. This is certainly true of the way his crew frames rake walls, which you could see if you were able to visit one of his jobsite. For those of us who can’t hang out on the jobsite watching Tim work there’s this short time lapse video of Tim and co-worker Kyle Davis framing a rake.

For more detail on what they are doing, see Tim’s 2006 JLC story “Framing Rake Walls”. You can read it for free, but if you’re not already registered with JLC you’ll have to do so when you land on the site. As far as I can tell the only real difference between what Tim did then and does now is that now he uses Zip System Sheathing; instead of installing house wrap he tapes the seams between sheets and is ready to go with windows and siding.