• If you're a college hoops fan, then you already know who you think will be in the NCAA Final Four. But what you probably don't know is that the teams will be playing on a portable wooden floor that was manufactured in Michigan, sanded and finished in Tennessee, and then temporarily installed in the Georgia Dome. It's a fascinating process.

    The modular floor was produced by Connor Sport Court International at its plant in Amasa, Michigan. From there it was shipped in sections (roughly 4 x 8) to Praters Athletic Flooring in Chattanooga, Tennessee – which is where the floor was finished and the video below was taken.

    Shot in fast motion, it allows you to see the entire process of assembling, sanding, and applying graphics and finish to the floor in Chattanooga. It goes by very quickly but if you pause the video you can see the following highlights:

    0:07 – How the metal tongue on the edge of one panel fits into a groove on its neighbor 

  • 0:13 – An installer drills through the lap in the metal tongues. It isn't shown, but I assume this is so he can install a bolt or self-tapping screw to hold the panels together. The panels float and are not attached to the surface below. 
  • 0:30 – A good view of something I have never seen before, a dual-belt riding floor sander.

The rest of the video shows the process of applying graphics and finish to the floor. Maybe next year they can show how the finished floor is taken apart, packed for shipping, and then reinstalled at the site of the game.