Admit it, a couple of weeks back you were thinking: "The World of Concrete is going on right now in Las Vegas and that editor from Tools of the Trade is there having the time of his life." The good news is – I was in Vegas. The bad news is...

I did not do any high-stakes gambling or go to any racy nightclubs (hey - my wife was there keeping an eye on me). Not that it mattered; I was more than happy to get up early and go to the show to check out all the new tools and products – many of which were on display for the very first time.

Here are a few of the tools I saw at the World of Concrete. I'll post more in future blog entries.

Metabo Cordless Drill Press

Magnetic drill presses are designed for drilling pipe and structural steel in the field – and can make the kind of large holes in thick material that are impossible to make with hand held equipment. Corded models have been around forever; this is the first cordless model (MAG 28 LTX), and it allows structural steel workers and metal fabricators to drill in locations where it would be impractical to run a cord. The magnetic base sticks to the material so the tool can be operated right-side-up, up-side-down, or side-ways. Click here to see the tool in action.

Makita Tool-Activated Vacuum

I saw a prototype of this wet/dry vac at last year's World of Concrete show; this year I got to see the real thing – which will be available for purchase later this year. The manufacturer refers to it as the Extract Vac, and it boasts a small footprint, light weight, and an advanced mechanism for cleaning the filter. Click here for a closer look at the vacuum.

Low-rider Wheelbarrow

They've been doing it to cars for 50+ years – why not wheelbarrows? That may not be the question engineers asked when they designed the Black Ox Wheelbarrow, but it's what came to mind when I saw it at Little Giant Ladder's booth. The designer did away with the front and rear legs – which makes for a more stable wheelbarrow that has fewer parts to break. Click here to see how it works.

Metal Cutting Saw

The Cutting Edge Saw (BN Products; BNCE-20) cuts rebar, threaded rod, conduit, and other types of metal. The carbide-blade can cut flush to the surface and except for a 7/8-inch wide cutting slot – is entirely enclosed. This tool was voted one of the most innovative products at the 2011 show.  For a closer look at this tool click here.

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February 08, 2012

I am a woodworking hobby guy but I am from a long line of builders and cabinet makers. I am always interested in new tools

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