Among the standouts at the recent Milwaukee media event were two M12 products, the pint-size model 2412 rotary hammer and a universal dust extractor called the Hammervac...

M12 Rotary Hammer
The M12 rotary hammer is sized for making small anchor holes up to 1/2 inch in diameter in concrete and masonry. In order to provide sufficient power and runtime it's designed to use Milwaukee's XC (extra capacity) battery packs. Specs have not been released. The 2412 rotary hammer will be available in a kit with two batteries for $249 or as a bare tool and is scheduled for October 2012 release.

M12 model 2412 rotary hammer

The Hammervac mounts to all Milwaukee SDS Plus rotary hammers--as well as competitors' tools--and collects dust right at the source around the bit. The dust extractor is self-contained and self-powered and has its own battery, filter, and dust container.

There have been self-powered dust extractors before, but they have always been designed to work with a specific tool or tools from one brand. The big news with this little vac is that it can be fitted to many of the rotary hammers out there, regardless of brand. The way the vac attaches at a tool's side handle instead of the tool body is the key to its broad compatibility. Specs have not been released. The Hammervac will sell for "under $225" in a two battery kit and is set to launch in January 2013.

Milwaukee Hammervac


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