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Use a Chain Saw, Keep Your Limbs

Want to know how to use a chainsaw? This video is a good place to start. Operating a chain saw is a blast, just make sure you keep your focus. There are a lot... More

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Full-Sized Cordless Chain Saw

Makita’s new cordless chain saw is built for more than small limbs (not including your own). More

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A Trip to the Chainsaw Museum

Wayne’s Chainsaw Museum is chock full of rare, unusual, and weird machines. More

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A Dual-Battery Cordless Chainsaw

Makita’s HCU02ZX2 has a feature no other chainsaw has—the ability to be run from two 18-volt tool batteries. More

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ICS Concrete Cutting Chainsaws

These unusual tools may be just the thing for curb cuts, squaring corners, and cuts where it’s not worth bringing in a track-mounted wall saw. More

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