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The Ultimate Prybar

The new Form Lifter DWHT55051 from DeWalt is relatively lightweight and ergonomically designed. Here's a look. More

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From Napkin Sketch to Stiletto Flatbar

Take a walk through the development of Stiletto’s Titanium Flatbar, from concept to final product. More

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Can’t Get it Yet: Strange Folding Hammer

The Cole-Bar combines the functionality of a full-size hammer, pry bar, square, bevel gauge, ruler, and 1/2-inch ratchet. More

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Crescent 18-Inch Indexing Flat Bar

The curved head of this pry bar can be pivoted and locked into 16 different positions. More

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Crescent Adjustable Pry Bar

Pulls nails, pries, and strikes like a hammer More

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