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Product Watch: Twin-Trigger Flooring Stapler

With the Hitachi N2503AF you can install thin wood flooring without having to contort yourself into awkward positions to hold the nose at the proper angle. More

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Hitachi Nailers and Staplers

Hitachi has entered the floor-fastening market with five new nailers and staplers. More

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Narrow-Crown Staplers

I remember exactly when I decided to start using pneumatic staplers on my jobsites. I was freezing my tail off installing 3/8-inch fir plywood underneath a roof overhang while standing on an aluminum plank in the middle of a Chicago winter. The job originally called for two men to install the plywood with 4d galvanized box nails. Sounds simple enough, right? Now add sub-zero wind chill and a nice thick pair of gloves, and you have a recipe for two guys doing a little work really slowly. Moreeaxyawrztaccvtaxfraexavutudzyvawd

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