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Hammer Debate: Titanium vs. Steel

The Concord Carpenter Rob Robillard weighs in on whether or not Titanium is worth the premium. More

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Field Tested: The Martinez M1 Titanium-Handled Hammers

Mark Martinez, the inventor of the Stiletto TiBone, has a new hammer out, and as Tim Uhler sees it, Martinez has upped his previous invention in several ways. More

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The Hammer Just Got Way Better

Mark Martinez, the inventor of the all-titanium hammer, has come out with his next creation—superior wood- and titanium-handled hammers with removable steel heads. More

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Estwing AL-Pro Hammer

Estwing is about to introduce a new multi-piece hammer with a steel claw and striking face attached to a single-piece aluminum head and handle. More

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How Fast Can You Pound a Nail?

You’d be surprised how stuffing your mouth full of nails can improve your efficiency. More

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