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A Homemade 12-inch Jointer

Using a few parts from an old portable planer, woodworker/engineer Matthias Wandel created what might be the most portable 12-in. jointer in the world. More

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Tool Test: Six-Inch Jointers

Jointers are the go-to tools for straightening and squaring lumber, and standard-length 6-inch-wide capacity models are a great choice for most carpentry and trim uses in the shop and on the job site. These 46-inch bed machines are the entry-level size for stationary jointers and, as the smallest, represent the best possibility of a 'serious' stationary tool that is still portable enough to load up and take to select jobs. All the tools plug into line voltage, further enhancing their all-around utility. An old rule of thumb states that a jointer is accurate for truly straightening boards up to twice its bed length, so with a 6-inch face-planing width and an 8-foot (or so) straightening capacity, these machines can handle all the wood many guys mill, even if they remain shop-bound. More

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Product Watch: Steel City Portable Planer

Steel City's 40200H 13-inch portable planer features a patent-pending spiral insert cutterhead, a series of stacked sections that make up the longer cylindrical head.. More

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Portable Thickness Planers

Whether you are setting up a woodworking shop or just need to dimension trim on a jobsite, a thickness planer is one of the first tools you should buy. Planers come in many sizes, however; the 24-inch width model we use in our shop weighs close to 700 pounds–not a real portable tool. Smaller 12- to 13-inch capacity planers have become popular as machines that can be used in the shop or taken out to a job. And while they won't replace a massive stationary shop planer for capacity or stability, these truly portable tools make quality wood planing available on the go or in smaller work spaces. More

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3-HP Shapers

Nothing says 'custom' like having a 450-pound shaper stationed on your shop floor. You could try to pull off radius work, trim profiles, raised panels, and fancy mantels without one, but it wouldn't be easy. And it wouldn't come out nearly as well. More

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