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The $100 Wood Rasp

The Auriou Toolworks rasp is crazy expensive, but when you see what goes into making one you’ll wonder how it can be sold for so little. More

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A High-Falutin $700 Hand Plane

Move over expensive European hand tools, here's a plane that will give you a run for someone else's money. More

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Three-Speed Drywall Rasp

Shaving the last quarter inch off a cut sheet of drywall can be agony. More

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Stanley Sweetheart Socket Chisels and #92 Shoulder Plane

Stanley is reviving its old Sweetheart branding yet again, this time for a line of bench chisels. More

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Tajima Tool Combination Drywall Rasp

Tajima Tool's Combination Drywall Rasp ($16) has teeth made of chromed die-cast aluminum. More

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