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The $110 Workbench

Jay Bates builds a solid and dead-flat workbench out of 2x10s. More

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Three-Legged Sawhorse

When used in tandem, these sawhorses are plenty strong and have some benefits that are hard to ignore. More

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Stout, Portable Folding Saw Horses

In this video, contributing editor David Frane takes a closer look at DeWalt’s DWST11155 folding sawhorses. Best feature: their portability. More

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Sawhorses That Will Outlive You

Heirloom-quality saw horses that don’t require nailes, screws, or glue? In this video the Samurai Carpenter demonstrates how to build them, and what tools to use. More

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A Lightweight, Portable Work Table Base

Here's a look at the Centipede Tool, an expandable multi-legged table base that sets up in seconds for a stable work surface. More

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