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Preventing Router Blowout

In this video, you'll learn two quick and easy tips for preventing tear-outs when profiling wood with a router. More

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Razorscribe Leaves a Clean Edge

Here's a handy scribing tool that doubles as a stud finder. More

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Hart Quick-Tatch Trowels

Hart’s Quick-Tatch trowel system consists of a detachable handle that slides on and off a variety of trowels and floats, making them very easy to transport and stow. More

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The Master of Mud

Bernie Mitchell used his skill as an artist to take drywall finishing to an entirely new level. More

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Hyde 17-in-1 Painter’s Multi Tool

This multipurpose tool can scrape paint, pull nails, apply putty, open cans and bottles, clean large and small rollers, and gouge out a crack in wood or a wall. More

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