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Graco Ultra Airless Cordless Sprayer

Prep-to-finish trainer and painting pro Scott Burt demonstrates the ins and outs of new airless handheld paint sprayers from Graco. The Ultra Airless Sprayer... More

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Worx HydroShot

A cordless hand-held pressure washer that sprays 100-320 psi. More

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Makita's Portable, Pressurized Water Tank

Here's a water tank from Makita that comes with a pressure indicator, quick connect and is designed to interface with concrete-cutting machinery. More

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Tools Up Close: Erecta-Rack Drying Rack

Erecta-Rack consists of 40-inch steel cross bars that snap into plastic support blocks, which stack and snap together like Lego blocks. As the rack goes up, the individual sections begin to resemble ladders, with towers of blocks for the sides and cross bars for the rungs. It's designed to be assembled as you go: Set up one level of the rack, fill it with freshly painted material, add another level, and so on. More

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Tool Test: Airless Paint Sprayers

We gathered nine pumps, ranging from midlevel budget models to a few suited for everyday use on smaller jobs – they just had to be able to handle the pros' requisite .019-inch tip. Our painter of 25 years used them with interior and exterior latex paints to determine their worth from a full-time painting contractor's point of view. More

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