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DeWalt Introduces a New Line of Nailers and Staplers

This completely revamped line of pneumatics includes framing, finish, and specialty tools. More

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Stinger CH38A Cap Stapler

When Bosch introduced its first line of pneumatic nailers last spring, it claimed that the tools were 20 percent smaller and 10 percent more powerful than the competition. More

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Paslode CS150 Cap Stapler

A few years ago, I tested some of the new pneumatic cap staplers and cap nailers that had come on the market. Then Paslode introduced the CS150 cap stapler earlier this year, and I decided to try it out, too. More

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Cap Staplers and Nailers

If you're still using hammer-tacker staples alone to attach housewrap and synthetic roof underlayments, you haven't read the instructions lately. Major manufacturers of these products have required capped fasteners spaced in specific patterns for the past several years. I know what you're thinking: 'Why go through the extra effort? Nobody else does it that way. I've been using hammer tackers for decades and never had a problem.' I've heard all the reasons installers give for not using capped fasteners, and 10 years ago, I was singing the same tune. After attempting to hand-nail caps on a few jobs in accordance with manufacturers' instructions, I quickly looked for a better way. Back then I found a limited selection. Today there are more than a dozen staplers and nailers that deliver plastic caps with each bounce and at a rate that is almost as fast as hammer-tacker stapling. More

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Narrow-Crown Staplers

I remember exactly when I decided to start using pneumatic staplers on my jobsites. I was freezing my tail off installing 3/8-inch fir plywood underneath a roof overhang while standing on an aluminum plank in the middle of a Chicago winter. The job originally called for two men to install the plywood with 4d galvanized box nails. Sounds simple enough, right? Now add sub-zero wind chill and a nice thick pair of gloves, and you have a recipe for two guys doing a little work really slowly. More

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